Kelly Garden Services offer a personalised service to our residential clients


With Kelly Garden Services, you can now enjoy your garden without any constraints! From mowing your lawn to planting shrubs and bulbs, hedge trimming, power washing, weeding or rehabilitating your green space in Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford.

Waste removal

We provide a full garden waste removal service. From weeds, grass cuttings, hedge cuttings or foliage you may have accumulated over the year.  We will be happy to dispose of your garden waste in Wicklow and Dublin at a competitive price.


Clients differ in their approach to weeding. Some like their beds and borders meticulously wed while others prefer a more natural approach. Weed such as creeping buttercup and scutch grass should be removed as soon as they appear otherwise they can harm plants and damage the soil structure.

Small Tree Removal

Kelly Garden Services can take care of any small tree removal in Wicklow and surrounding areas. Weather the trees are dead, diseased, dying or if they have overgrown their space, we can remove them safely.

Hedge Trimming and Pruning

We cut all sizes and shapes of hedges from ornamental to overgrown leylandii.  We can also take care of pruning your trees and shrubs in Wicklow and Dublin.

Grass Cutting

We offer a professional and reliable grass cutting service in Wicklow, Dublin and surrounding areas. A regular mowing of your grass not only keep your garden looking its best but also produces a healthy blade of grass.


From trees, shrubs, roses or bulbs, we have the experience to know when to carry out planting, in what type of soil and most importantly in the correct area of your garden to ensure it reaches its potential.

Pest Control

Kelly Garden Services promote an organic approach to weeds and pest control. On some rare occasions, we recommend to use weed killer but only as a last resort.

Some of the areas we service in Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford


Newtown MountKennedy

Ashford Co Wicklow
Wicklow Town

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