Sowing Seeds for the Summer

  • tomato Seedlings in a propogator
  • Seedlings in a propogator

Sowing Seeds for the Summer

Sowing Seeds:

An important part of a gardener’s job is to propogate seeds. A host of common colourful bedding plants including Verbena, Cosmos, Agastache, Antirrhinum, Aquilegia, Petunias and much more need to be sown now.


Small seeds are generally sown into shallow seed trays and transplanted into larger pots while still at the seedling stage.  Fill the container with compost, level, firm gently and water well.  Then, sprinkle the seeds.  Label, lightly water again and cover with a sheet of glass or place in a heated propagator with a lid.  Maintain a temperature of around 18ºC.


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