Gardening in March

Gardening in March

There is much more to do in the garden in March now that the weather is improving and growth is getting underway.


This is a good time to make first sowings of all really hardy annuals if the soil is in good condition. Thinly broadcast the seeds and cover with fine soil to about twice their own depth. The seeds should be sown where the plants are to flower. Among the best annuals for sowing now are sweet alyssum, calendula, annual chrysanthemum, echium, annual gypsophila, annual lupins, mignonette, nemophila, shirley poppies, annual sunflower and viscaria.

Plant trees and shrubs with deciduous foliage. Always have in mind the final size of these plants when they will become adults. Avoid to plant high and large shrubs near the house or the south boundaries of the garden because it would be too shady.

Pruning and Hedge trimming

Severly prune summer-flowering shrubs such as buddleia, the ceanothe and althea. Prune climbers like wisteria, honeysuckle, bignone and ivy by removing dead twigs and branches that move away from the wall. It is also the good time to prune roses and trimm hedges.


Weed and spread of well-rotted compost at the feet of your trees and shrubs. Sprinkle with nettle manure to promote the start of the vegetation with the nitrogen supply.

Mow your lawn when it reaches 2 inches. Perform in dry weather. Do not leave clippings in place since at this time of year that favors the occurrence of diseases.